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Be a part of innovation

With our unique, awarded XWiki product and through our competitive offerings we strive on daily-basis to improve the way people work together. For this, XWiki provides a powerful collaboration software that's easier to use and better organized. In our team you would play a key role in envisioning the next generation wiki and building innovative solutions on top of it.

Innovation XWiki

Open Source software

Our product is an Open Source software and XWiki proudly embeds this into our company’s culture. We encourage initiative, free thinking, communication and nurture respect for different opinions. Every XWikier is encouraged to speak out and contribute to any aspect of our activities, being confident that the work done is evaluated placing meritocracy as basis.

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International team-based culture

In XWiki, we like to always function as a team, regardless of our locations. We take pride also of our customers, the users of XWiki and the members of our OSS community, who reach us from all over the world! Our teams mainly located in Paris and Iasi are striving to create a single collaborative environment, where XWikiers are efficiently finding common ground.

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Ongoing recruiting of talents

At XWiki, each team member plays a strong role and is greatly valued. An XWikier is a highly motivated, skilled and autonomous individual, who enjoys to be part of a team, but is also willing to assume a leadership role when needed. If you spot us at an XWiki stand, at a conference or at a recruitment event, come let us know why you’re a fit for our openings!

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Become your best version

We value authenticity, creativity and personal development. XWikiers are encouraged to polish their skills, step up to new challenges and invest in their continuous education. We provide training materials, mentorships and many other learning opportunities. All this has as aim to make sure you are doing at work what you love most and reach your potential.

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A company that’s fun to work for

At XWiki we work hard, but we also have a lot of fun! We often organize outings, parties and all sort of team activities: imagination is our limit. To note in your calendar is our XWiki Seminar, where we discuss our results achieved throughout the year. The schedule is usually packed with a fair amount of sightseeing, themed parties, sports challenges and all sorts of fun activities.

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Benefits of being an XWikier

In XWiki, we take pride in our casual and flexible workplace. All XWikiers can work from home and/or our offices, and flexible work hours are highly appreciated. They can attend regularly tech events, especially conferences where they share knowledge about their work. Benefits include competitive salaries, bonuses, meal tickets, a 4-day week fortnightly, travel, and growth opportunities.

Innovation XWiki

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See our job opportunities in Paris and Iasi. If you have questions, contact us and we'll be happy to provide more information.