Other Information

Meetic uses XWiki as an internal knowledge base for its customer service employees. Meetic selected XWiki in order to make it easy to push information towards its 150+ customer service employees, who are located all over Europe.

Using XWiki, internal contributors can publish news about the new features being introduced to the Meetic platform, knowledge base articles documenting common use cases as well as warnings when a specific service isn't working as expected.

The XWiki platform was customized in order to meet Meetic's expectations and brand identity. Navigation was simplified in order to make it easy for customer service agents to navigate the platform while on the phone with clients.

Meetic selected to use the cloud version of XWiki Enterprise so that they wouldn't have to host it internally. As part of this process, XWiki made sure that only whitelisted IP addresses from Meetic were able to access the platform.