Other Information

Created in 1978 to represent the organic producers, the National Federation of Organic Agriculture (FNAB) is up to now the only agricultural professional network specialized in organic farming in France. As a local and competence network, it consists of a national federation, and departmental regional groups spread across the country.

XWiki answers to a strong need of pooling for FNAB, as it is an independent entity and has territorial structures scattered throughout France. The different companies that make up the Federation are working in collaboration, representing the richness of the network. There is therefore a real need for knowledge and document sharing through a simple and intuitive interface.

The federation does not have substantial financial resources, but instead it owns significant human resources, whose knowledge and expertise must be passed to newcomers, as quickly and accurately as possible. Thus, in order for the whole community to build a shared knowledge federation, it is necessary to be able to gather all of this knowledge in a single place: XWiki.