Fidelia Assistance

Other Information

FIDELIA Assistance, part of the COVEA Group (MAAF, MMA, GMF) and leader in its sector in France (aid and assistance operations), chose XWiki in order to create a document repository. The repository is named Wikidélia and it allows FIDELIA assistance to make centralized, reliable, updated and collectively enriched information available to all its employees (over 1100). 

As part of the project, the following actions have been implemented:

  • Creation of a contract knowledge base for Fidelia Assistance
  • Import of 900 existing Word documents
  • Extraction of meta data for each document -> entity, contract type...
  • Multi criteria search on the imported documents

Following an initial phase during which the XWiki Enterprise software is being successfully used as basis for structured knowledge, Fidelia Assistance is going to launch a second phase in which the collaborative dimension of the tool is to be highlighted to all the employees within the company.

"XWiki was able to offer an effective, ergonomic and scalable tool: with Wikidelia, everyone is sure to find and share reliable and up to date information in a few clicks with a collective work." - (Raphaele Naud, Direction of the organisation)