Other Information

EMC is a global leading company in the information systems and archive storage markets. 

EMC had to manage large amounts of unstructured data, consisting mainly of business proposals in Word format. XWiki SAS helped EMC to establish a structured knowledge base containing the relevant data. 

In addition to this, XWiki SAS worked with EMC on developing and deploying their internal competitive intelligence knowledge base. The teams on the ground can easily contribute new articles and relevant information about EMC's competitors. The sales and marketing teams can then get access to relevant information, filtered by market and product line.

The solution includes: 

  • Creation of structured sheets with several fields (name of the solution, type of need, key selling points...)
  • Bookmarklet to make the article collection process easy
  • Multi-criteria filtering of entries
  • Statistics about the activity and the use of the tool
  • Import of 30,000 Office documents

The wikis are used by more than 5,000 people within the company.