Confluence Migrator (Pro): streamlined multi space import and new improved UI

28 Sep 2023 5 min read

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Stefana Nazare

, Product Owner Cloud & Pro Apps

Important updates

📢 Join us on May 30, 2024, 16:00 CET, for a new webinar where we'll showcase the latest macros and improvements for an even faster and easier migration from Confluence to XWiki! Save your seat here.

💻 You can also check out our previous webinar article which will provide you with insights on all the features of the new Confluence Migrator (Pro), a demo of the migration process, and the transcript for the Q&A session.

The long awaited multi space Confluence Migrator (Pro) is now available! 🎉 In today's article we'll showcase the new features of the new migrator and how to test out its capabilities.

Greater efficiency with the multi space import feature

This has been one of the most demanded features up until now, and we thank everyone that contributed with their feedback to the prototyping and development of this application!

The new Confluence Migrator (Pro) allows you to import multiple spaces in one go and organize your import plan based on division, team, class, or however you see fit. As you might already anticipate, this feature dramatically improves the speed of the overall migration process. Simply upload your Confluence backup package, search and select the spaces you wish to import, then let the migrator work its magic!


Not only you can import multiple spaces at once, but you can also run multiple migrations in parallel and check their status in the Application's homepage.


Detailed migration report at a glance

This has been another highly-requested improvement. Now, once the pages are imported and automatically reorganized in the hierarchical order identically as to how they were on the Confluence side, you will obtain a detailed report, showing the successfully imported pages and the ones affected by errors. Furthermore, you can always go back later to a migration report by accessing the page in the dedicated section of the Confluence Migrator (Pro) homepage.

New UI for a pleasant user experience

For the development of this tool, the team focused on creating an even more straightforward and efficient migration process. Therefore, you can now migrate numerous spaces with just two clicks, because the overall process has been optimized to have only 2 steps instead of 6 as the previous free migrator had.


Dedicated support for the new Confluence Migrator (Pro)

Last, but not least, the Pro Migrator is now the recommended extension for migrating from Confluence to XWiki. This application is developed, improved and supported by the XWiki SAS Pro Applications team. Therefore, when you decide to migrate from Confluence to XWiki, we are there to ensure the Application is working as expected. As the Confluence migration use case is supported at the Gold and Platinum levels, the new Confluence Migrator (Pro) will also be available without any additional costs at these levels.

If you anticipate that your project has high complexity, and you would need to receive assistance on planning your migration project and fixing data or environment issues that may occur, please contact us to further discuss dedicated consulting time and custom development.

Furthermore, the application can also be purchased separately from the XWiki Store. The Application can be tested out in trial mode for 10 days with the possibility of extending it up to 30 days, like any other XWiki Pro Application. As part of a trial, you will be able to import one space and up to 30 pages per migration. All the other functionalities (prerequisites, import configuration, migration report, simultaneous migrations etc.) are available in the trial version.

Important note: The free Confluence Migrator (single space migrator) is now a non-recommended extension, but can still be used for small projects, if preferred.


How to install it

For the full installation guide you can check the Installation section in the XWiki store. Additionally, below you can watch the video tutorial to see all the features and migration steps in action!

Check out our post-webinar article

Last but not least, you can check out our post-webinar output article. It brings together main takeaways, additional resources, a demo with the new Confluence Migrator (Pro), which supports migrating multiple space in one run, and the transcript of the Q&A session.


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