Learn PAd back to school meeting in Ancona, Italy

22 Sep 2015 5 min read

After the summer holidays, all the Learn PAd partners have met in the Regione Marche headquarters, in Ancona for the quarterly meeting. The meeting was held in 2 phases:

  • The first 2 days were dedicated to the latest evolution of each Work Package. The next important dates will involve the delivery of more than 5 reports which puts pressure on every member of the consortium. In one of them, the Learn PAd platform will be evaluated by a civil servant of the italian public service. This version of the platform will have to comply with a certain level of quality. 
  • The next 2 days were focused on technical discussions. We usually take advantage of the physical presence in order to discuss problematic issues more efficiently than by email or by telephone. These discussions are usually very productive.

It is not easy to come to Ancona (there are only a few and non-direct flights) but it's worth it. On the East coast of Italy, you may see beautiful sunsets (think about it, it is not that easy on the East coast!). We had a warm welcoming and the city is very nice. And because the city is on the coast, you'll eat mostly fish and seafood.

Jean Simard
R&D Engineer @XWiki SAS

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