XWiki at FOSDEM 2024 🚀

29 Feb 2024 5 min read

As is tradition, 2024's events season kicked off with our participation at FOSDEM 2024, the biggest free open-source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. Our team organized the “Collaboration and Content Management” devroom, and also participated with a presentation in the Main Track on “20 years of open source building XWiki and CryptPad”. Below we provide you with the recording of this presentation as well as those held in our devroom.

Happy watching!

🔭 20 years of open source building XWiki and CryptPad

Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Founder of XWiki and CryptPad

This talk is about our journey as an open-source creator, project maintainer and company. From being alone creating XWiki, our open-source software and the associated company, to the first users and contributors, first hires, first clients, growing the company over the years to more than 50 people, fully bootstrapped. As for many companies, our story is somewhat a roller coaster with its set of successes and failures. Open source success takes time, but good things can come for those who are resilient enough.

✨ Collaboration and Content Management devroom

Cristal: a new Wiki UI to rule them all

Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Founder of XWiki and CryptPad and Manuel Leduc, R&D Engineer

In this talk, we are presenting a new project from the XWiki team called "Cristal": a new modular wiki UI, fully in Javascript allowing to navigate wiki content from different wiki servers (XWiki, Github, File Systems, NextCloud). Modular and extensible, supporting offline, real-time and a slick VueJS based UI, this project will be built with reusability and integrability in mind. During the talk we will look at the objectives of the project from a usage point of view, and also at the innovative technical architecture which will support the modularity and customizability of Cristal.

Public calendars aggregation using Linkal

Indico: an event management system

OpenTalk — Video conferencing secure and GDPR compliant

Securely collaborate with CryptPad

Collabora Online: WASM

Collabora Online usability optimization

Document collaboration made simpler: Revealing the concept of rooms in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace

openDesk — the open-source collaborative suite

Another approach to AI

Using generative AI and content service platforms together

Web Accessibility and Environmental Sustainability and with popular CMS

Pushing Tiki to its limits

How to get rid of Confluence: Comparing open-source knowledge management systems

The challenges of creating a FOSS fact-checking platform for the Brazilian community 

🍻 Our post-FOSDEM meetup

This year was particularly special because we organized our first meetup after wrapping up our Collab devroom presentations. The evening was filled with vibrant open-source discussions over delicious Belgian beers and some light snacks, and the XWiki and CryptPad communities from across the world, and friends of open source, got the chance to meet in person! We leave you with some sneak peeks from that evening and looking forward to our next FOSDEM. See you there?

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