XWiki Pro Apps updates, August 2023

31 Aug 2023 5 min read

Written by

Stefana Nazare

, Product Owner Cloud & Pro Apps

Our XWiki SAS Pro Apps team is behind all the improvements, maintenance, and development of XWiki's business apps and macros. This article highlights the latest updates of the Pro Applications, so you can have an overview of what's new and even try them yourself.

Pro Applications

Our XWiki SAS Pro Apps team has been developing some new, highly-requested applications while also bringing improvements to the existing ones. We are pleased to share with you the latest results of the work they have dedicated themselves to.

New applications

Task Manager (Pro) (compatible with Confluence migration)

One of the most requested applications this year, the Task Manager (Pro), is now available! The application allows you to:

  • Create and manage tasks within your wiki;
  • Organise projects;
  • Display custom lists according to your needs:

    • JIRA/Git-like
    • To-do lists

  • Choose from an array of macros:
    • Task report macro;
    • Task card macro;
    • Kanban board macro.

Moreover, the Task Manager (Pro) is compatible with the migration from Confluence to XWiki. This means that tasks and task reports that you would import into XWiki will be displayed and further editable.  

To-do list view​​​​

Task report macro

Confluence tasks after migration to XWiki

Collabora Connector Application (Pro)

You can now view, edit and collaborate in real-time on office attachments, via the WOPI protocol, thanks to our new Collabora Connector Application (Pro)! The application provides an integration of the Collabora Online software



Active Directory

The simple, user-friendly interface enables you to authenticate users securely by means of LDAP/LDAPS. With the help of the Active Directory app, you can seamlessly connect your AD server to XWiki in order to implement a secure authentication method. Once your AD server and your XWiki instance are connected, the AD users will be able to authenticate. Furthermore, a dedicated XWiki user will be created after their first login. You can also easily import the same users from the AD server. Finally, it is possible to synchronize groups and multiple user attributes. 

Latest improvements: 

Importing LDAP groups as XWiki groups

Azure SSO

This application allows you to connect individual Azure accounts, as well as company-wide Azure accounts in order to authenticate users in your wiki. The connection between Microsoft's identity management service Azure Active Directory and XWiki is possible by means of the OAuth2 protocol. This connection will enable you to configure and use the Azure AD SSO for your wiki.

Latest improvements: You can now set up SSO only login for a wiki, instead of choosing between authentication methods at the login step.

Pro Macros

The Pro Macros are a collection of advanced widgets that allow you to highlight content, embed documents, display media elements and many others. They are compatible with Confluence macros imported during migration to XWiki.

Note macro

Latest improvements: Links are now displayed as rendered within the note macro. 


Tools for Confluence to XWiki migrations

Confluence Migrator (Free)

We have been continuously improving our free Confluence Migrator, available since 2021, in order to allow as many users as possible to effortlessly migrate from Confluence to XWiki. This tool is currently the key element that enables hundreds of companies to safely migrate from proprietary software towards XWiki, a prime open-source alternative.

Latest improvements: You can now import data containing anchor macros, as well as pages with forward slash in the name and with dots in the name.

Confluence Migrator (Pro)

We are very happy to announce that we have launched our multi-space migrator, which allows users to migrate numerous spaces in one go. The new Confluence Migrator (Pro) has many new improvements such as:

  • A 2-step migration process
  • Multi space import
  • A clear report detailing the logs of the import process
  • A new, more straightforward UI

Discover below in our newest article the complete set of features and functionalities for a hassle-free migration from Confluence to XWiki. Last but not least, you can check out the post-webinar article for the demo and Q&A session.


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