Run your on-prem wiki instance like a pro with Admin Tools Application (Pro)

19 Jun 2024 5 min read

Written by

Dorina Anton

, Marketing Specialist

As an XWiki Admin, managing your on-prem wiki instance just got a lot easier! In our continuous effort to provide top-tier solutions for knowledge sharing and collaboration, we are excited to announce the release of our latest application: Admin Tools (Pro). 🎉

Psst... in case you didn't know, we also recently launched our Analytics Application (Pro).


Enjoy a comprehensive instance overview

Admin Tools Application (Pro) is an invaluable resource for Administrators and the Infrastructure team in your organization. This new addition provides a wide array of functionalities to help you run your on-prem wiki instance like a pro, optimizing your XWiki installation, maintenance, and resources allocation. Here are the main actions that you can perform in the central dashboard:

  • Access detailed information about your XWiki configurations;
  • View the last lines of logs to monitor recent activity;
  • Access and download essential XWiki configuration and properties files;
  • Monitor potential spam pages and deleted content across all wikis in your instance;
  • View the usage for all wikis in the instance to monitor the resource allocation;
  • Run health checks to ensure optimal configuration and memory usage, and access help links for troubleshooting;
  • Flush the instance cache to maintain performance.

You will find all this information into an organized and comprehensive dashboard, as you can see below.


How to test our Admin Tools Application (Pro)

We built this application for organizations that want to run XWiki smoothly on their premises. Therefore, if you have or plan to choose this type of hosting for your wiki, install the extension following these steps:

  1. In your XWiki instance, go to the Extension Manager, in the Extensions subsection. Alternatively, you can go to the Applications panel, click on "More applications", and then click on "Install new applications";
  2. Search for the Admin Tools Application (Pro);
  3. Click on the "Install" button;
  4. Go to Extensions Manager, in the Licenses subsection, and get a trial license (or an extension of the trial up to 30 days).


If you have XWiki Pro on-premises, then this app is already included in your bundle. Go to the Administration section in your XWiki instance (Extensions), install it, and enjoy using it!

After installing the application, access it from either the wiki Home page, via the Applications panel, or find it in the tree overview (similar to website breadcrumbs).


For all the details on installation and usage, please refer to the documentation available in our Store.

How to purchase the app

You can purchase the Pro App individually or as part of the XWiki Pro package.

  1. Go to the Administration section of your XWiki instance in Extensions, and then in Licenses;
  2. Search for the Admin Tools Application (Pro);
  3. Click on "Buy" next to the application;
  4. You will be redirected to the XWiki Store, where you have to select the user tier;
  5. Click on "Create Purchase Order";
  6. You will be redirected to the XWiki Network, where you will be able to complete your online purchase.

Help us make the app even better!

We created this app with the objectives to streamline the maintenance process for on-prem XWiki instances and to ease the life of your wiki Admins and/or Infrastructure team. If you or your colleagues enjoy using Admin Tools Application (Pro), it would mean the world to us to receive your feedback. ❤

Let us know your thoughts in this survey and, if you have suggestions for future improvements, please open a ticket on GitHub.

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