7 image features in XWiki to enhance your wiki 🎨

12 Jun 2024 5 min read

Written by

Oana Năslău

, Content Writer Specialist

You know the saying "An image is worth a thousand words", don't you? We believe your wiki's content deserves to become more dynamic and engaging to stand out as a single source of knowledge for your team. That's why we've developed powerful image features designed to elevate your content and improve collaboration.

In this article, we'll explore these features and show you how to use them to make your wiki pages more visually appealing and effective. Whether you're adding screenshots, infographics, or photo galleries, XWiki's image tools will help you create content that stands out.

Display images in a lightbox

You can open images from the page content in a lightbox. When you hover over an image, a toolbar will appear with options to open the image in lightbox mode or to download it. The lightbox will display the image along with some information about it, whether it's attached to a wiki page or it's an external image.

It also offers actions like:

  • ✔ Downloading the image
  • ✔ Toggling the browser full-screen mode
  • ✔ Starting a carousel of all images on the page

Click on the image to show or hide captions and action buttons.


Select images from the gallery picker

The Attachment Gallery Picker Macro is integrated by default in the CKEditor Image Dialog, making it easier than ever to find, preview and select the perfect image. For that, you have several options:

  • ✔ Select the image from the Gallery or...
  • ✔ ...from the document tree
  • ✔ Upload a new attachment
  • ✔ Use an icon
  • ✔ Insert an external link

You can search for images by keyword and preview them before making your choice.

Add captions to your images

A great feature to enhance collaboration and usability in XWiki is the image captioning. You can find the syntax below:

[[Caption content>>image:some_image.png]]

You can quickly edit the caption to fit your needs, adding a professional touch to your images.


Drop images over the editing area ...

Just drag and drop images into the editing area, and the CKEditor will instantly upload and insert them for you. It's that easy!

... or drag them on the "Choose file" button in the Attachments tab

This will add the image to your wiki page, in case you don't know yet the exact place where you wish to insert it in the editing area.

Did anyone say quick image insertion?

Warning: this feature is so delightful, you might become addicted to it. Who wouldn't, since you can search for and insert images just by using a keyboard key? After typing / (slash) and selecting the image quick action, you will see a drop-down that lists the latest images uploaded to the page and to the entire wiki. You can also upload new images directly from the drop-down.

Images attached to the current page appear first in the drop-down with a "This page" badge. Those that were uploaded more recently appear higher in the list. An "External" badge is displayed to identify images from other wikis. The "Upload Image" entry can be used to upload a new image and insert it. You can read more about this quick action in the CKEditor Integration documentation.

Tip: Simply typing /img:: will lead you directly to the image insertion window, without having to choose the Image option from the Quick Action drop-down list.

Get a warning when the dimensions are larger than the selected image

The WYSIWYG editor's image dialog alerts you if the width or height of an image exceeds the original dimensions. This warning helps you stay ahead of potential quality issues before previewing the image.


How are you finding these features? 👀 Leave us a review!

Your feedback fuels our passion for improvement and helps other people understand our product, services and how XWiki supports knowledge sharing in other organizations. By letting people know your experience, you are not only helping us enhance XWiki's features, but you are also contributing to a community dedicated to shape the future of knowledge management and content collaboration. Together, we can make XWiki more powerful.




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