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Google Analytics alternative: Matomo integration in your wiki with Analytics Application (Pro)

XWiki SAS has released the Analytics Application (Pro) v1.0, one of the many business-ready Pro Apps, available in the XWiki SAS store. Through this app, you can learn valuable insights about the most accessed pages, searched terms and user behavior from your company wiki or public website — all straight from your XWiki instance. This way, you'll have an open-source ecosystem without any data lock-in. Read the full article here.


🚨 How EDMO Hubs use XWiki to fight disinformation

XWiki SAS provided the technical solution for DE FACTO, ADMO, and BROD in the form of 3 public websites with advanced content management features for publication, management, fact-checking, and dissemination of information. Moreover, all three hubs are connected and can exchange data with other European fact-checking platforms and the EDMO portal. DE FACTO, ADMO, and BROD benefit from both structured data with a backend workplace for the project partners and flexibility in uploading a variety of formats for the fact checks. Dive into this article to learn more!


Enhancing digital sovereignty: XWiki and Nextcloud forge closer ties

XWiki SAS has long upheld its commitment to independence, with shareholders exclusively comprising current and former employees. However, recognizing the importance of strong collaboration among major open-source projects in the EU, the company is embracing a strategic shift through a symbolic investment in XWiki SAS from Frank Karlitschek, Founder and CEO of Nextcloud. Moreover, Nextcloud GmbH and XWiki SAS have signed a mutual resellers' agreement to provide their customers an easy way to purchase a complete solution from either vendor. Read the full article to learn about the why, how, and what.

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