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We believe that knowledge sharing is key to operational excellence, which is why we developed XWiki to create solutions that foster and boost the collaborative culture of companies. It is an Open Source software, meaning that the services to be used, features to be added and the deployment method are all decisions you make to adapt the tool to your own needs.
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A clear, affordable pricing plan

As Open Source products, both XWiki and Nuxeo offer a free version, accessible for anyone to download and make use of as they see fit.

XWiki’s pricing has a starting point of 1 EUR/month/user and includes all extensions and additional apps (along with specialized support) for no additional cost from the Silver Package upwards (3 EUR/month/user). You can pay monthly or annually or request a quote-based option. Contrarily, Nuxeo provides no clear-cut costs, relying on a quote-based pricing model.

Comparison between XWiki and Nuxeo

In terms of technology and features

Open SourceYesYes
DeploymentOn-Premise | CloudOn-Premise | Cloud
OSAny platform supporting JDK 1.8 or higherAny platform supporting JDK 8 or higher
Programming languageJavaJava
Costs schemeFree | Monthly payment | Annual Subscription | Quote-based
Free | Monthly payment | Annual Subscription | Quote-based

  • Wikis
  • Knowledge base
  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Procedures
  • Digital Workplace
  • Discussion boards

  • Documents Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Digital Asset Management

  • Import (Confluence, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, MediaWiki, DocuWiki and others upon request)
  • PDF Export
  • Comments and Annotations
  • Access Rights Management
  • Publication workflow Application
  • Versioning and version history
  • Security features

  • Ingestion
  • Lock
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Version control
  • Security features

  • Customizable navigation
  • Advanced search engine
  • Real-time editing
  • Notifications
  • Flash Messages
  • Tag Cloud
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Notes
  • File Manager
  • Calendar
  • Forum
  • Polls
  • Dynamic Livetable
  • App Within Minutes
  • Ideas Application
  • Meeting Application
  • Diagram Application

  • Custom Analytic Dashboard Toolkit
  • Search
  • Document editing
  • File sharing
  • Classification
  • Check-in/out
  • Audit
  • Automatic Asset Conversion
  • Nuxeo Studio
Supported Integrations
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Google Apps
  • Azure
  • Microsoft Office
  • Piwik
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • Elastic Search
  • Kibana
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • Google Vision
  • Amazon Rekognition
  • MongoDB
  • CMIS
  • Ephesoft
  • Elastic Search
  • Live Connect
Customer SupportPhone | Ticket | TrainingEmail | Phone | Ticket | Training
Translationsin over 40 languagesin 9 languages

In terms of usage: Digital Asset Management vs Wiki

Like XWiki, Nuxeo is an Open Source software, providing an enterprise-wide Digital Asset Management solution. XWiki, on the other hand, is a "Knowledge Management and Collaboration" platform in the form of a second-generation wiki. While they share plenty of similarities as a result of the common Open Source core, XWiki and Nuxeo provide distinct usages. Nuxeo provides content-centric business applications, with a focus on fulfilling needs such as Digital Assets Management, Case Management, and Document Management Systems. XWiki offers management tools to help you improve collaboration within your organization. Each XWiki instance can be catered to appeal to your workplace productivity, while also answering more complex knowledge management needs such as knowledge base, intranet/extranet, procedures, websites and more. While Nuxeo is better suited for small to medium enterprises, XWiki can fit any type of enterprise's organizational needs since it is a full development platform.

With Nuxeo, you can create and manage documents, automate business processes with workflows and build in retention capabilities. Meanwhile, XWiki helps maximize your collaborative efforts as well as sharing information through internal documents. It comes with all the features you would expect from an Enterprise Wiki. Page linking, history and rollback, rights management, file attachments are just a few and can improve your experience with the tool. It also boasts some more advanced features not offered by other wiki platforms, offering you more structure: tree navigation makes it easy to organize data in items and subitems, livetables and the ability to filter by tags make accessing information easy and the SOLR engine improves your wiki's navigation capabilities. This ensures you have the information you need wherever and whenever you need it.

In terms of customization tools: App Within Minutes vs Nuxeo Studio

One of the main similarities between XWiki and Nuxeo lies in the potential development on top of the standard platform. As strong believers in the Open Source core, we designed XWiki to adapt to your needs and not the opposite.

Both XWiki and Nuxeo provide tools for non-technical users to create their own apps: App Within Minutes, respectively, Nuxeo Studio. The tools share similarities in terms of purpose and features. Nuxeo Studio is a low-code solution designed to power up application development and help you enhance enterprise modernization. It provides a wizard-based, graphical interface where you can configure it. Similarly, App Within Minutes is based on XWiki’s powerful structured data management system and allows you to create your own apps through an intuitive interface. The focus is on solving the most common use cases, whilst maximizing the effectiveness of content creation and presentation. The source code can be tweaked for more in-depth tailoring of the solution. The main difference lies in the tool’s accessibility - XWiki’s App Within Minutes is free to install and use, while Nuxeo Studio is only made available through a subscription fee.

In terms of flexibility and extensibility: the benefits of Open Source

Since collaborative needs are becoming more prominent in the modern-day business environment, a software offering flexibility in terms of UI and structure customization constitutes a pivotal productivity advantage in the marketplace. As Open Source software, both XWiki and Nuxeo allow for an increased level of flexibility in adapting the software to your needs, as opposed to proprietary software.

Nuxeo’s API-based architecture makes it scalable, allowing for seamless integrations with various businesses’ workflow structures. Likewise, XWiki is built to extend and develop as per your business requirements. Because it fosters transparency and encourages customization, XWiki also provides fine-grain access to virtually every element through its API. It offers over 750 extensions and apps for you to mix and match and adapt the tool to your requirements. Full customization allows for appearance and branding changes such as skins, colors, fonts, and logos. On the other hand, Nuxeo's Marketplace comprises of 140 plugins that enable additional functionalities and tools. What sets XWiki apart is the fact that you can use it right off the bat, start with a simple knowledge base and then improve it to undertake complex projects. XWiki gives your business a versatile, scalable and robust enterprise-grade Wiki platform that allows you to better collaborate and exchange information in a manner that saves your company time and budget.

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