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Viewers Loader Demo

Last modified by Amandat Zohan on 2016/10/14 20:33

You may need the textedit webviewer for this to display properly.
{{embed tar="hello.txt" /}}

You can specify width and height.
{{embed tar="hello.txt" width="400" height="300" /}}

"params" are passed directly to the gadget, if you specify "help" the gadget will describe itself.
{{embed tar="hello.txt" width="400" height="300" params="help" /}}

When you install pdf.js WebViewer, this embed will begin working:
{{embed tar="ed25519-20110926.pdf" /}}

This embed will begin working when you install jquery.sheet gadget:
{{embed tar="spreadsheet.jqs" /}}

Notice below, for each attachment which can be viewed or edited here, there's also a
corrisponding button in the attachments pane.

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