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Blog posts for September 2013 launch

We are launching in order to document the WebViewer standard allowing to create portable javascript viewers and editors that can be easily integrated in all supported Web Applications. 

The objective of is to serve as the communication space between all WebViewers participants and developers.

WebViewers will be at the Open World Forum on Friday October 4th

Ludovic Dubost, XWiki SAS and Viktor Horvath,Alixen will present JIO and WebViewers at the Open World Forum at 11:15 on October 4th in Room Konqi as part of the NextGen Web Track.

If you come at the OpenWorld Forum, come see our presentation and see live demos of WebViewers inside XWiki. Also you can come at the XWiki Booth and talk with us about WebViewers, particularly if you are interested in implementing a WebViewer or hosting WebViewers in your Web Application.

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